April 2019 Monthly Crossword

April being the fourth month of the year, this puzzle celebrates the number four. There are four groups each of four clues. Each of the clues has one of a (closed) group of four missing from it (one word in each case) with the item needing to be included for the clue to work. The item can be missing from either the definition or the wordplay. In each case, the surface reading of the clue still makes sense when the item is in place.

When all four clues from a group have been answered, their answers should be ordered alphabetically. The fourth letter of the fourth answer in the group should be noted. The extracted letters from the four groups give a word that should be included with the solved grid.

The 'GROUP x' text does not form part of the clues, but is merely for identification.

7. GROUP B: Punished editor behind closet (5)
8. Showy shrub icon - shear shabbily (5,4)
10. GROUP A: Qualified garden (6)
11. Spoke badly bent at crude debacle, initially (8)
12. Chamber in lava flow is somewere to rest after fighting? (8)
13. GROUP A: Break and steadfast persona stops (4)
15. GROUP B: Shakespeare includes introductions of Othello, Montano and Bianca to sustain (7)
17. GROUP C: Popular following to pull back or push (5,2)
20. Some dental care is crushed to bits? (4)
22. GROUP B: Innovative score by Moyet to open (8)
25. Quickly move someone towards a political leader immersed in exclusive system (8)
26. GROUP D: Fish net for doctor mostly here (6)
27.Juiciest slice of nectarine swiped? That's unfair (9)
28.GROUP D: Up be catching be (5)
1. GROUP C: Festival father to leave islands (9)
2. I get sham relationship with one black European woman (8)
3. GROUP D: Important house of the zodiac hate somewhat (7)
4. Creating havoc with American Private (2,6)
5. GROUP B: Termination of welding arc (6)
6. GROUP C: Turned braising steak, time to go (5)
9. Wedding line with first love, darling (4)
14. Because everyone else is Frank Max (9)
16. GROUP A: Sports quest crashes after reversing vehicle (8)
18. Concerned with entering nuclear energy plants (8)
19. GROUP A: End product after muscle structure (7)
21. GROUP D: School to start after a taxi returns with uniform (6)
23. Consequence of loud celebration (4)
24.GROUP C: Crops found here with blocks around (5)

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