Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

April 2021 Monthly Crossword
Mr X

This month's puzzle celebrates Mr X, who appears in the grid, and who helped put things 4d. In recognition of this, the two important elements of 4d (Y, Z) form the basis for five entries. Each of these consists of an example of Y followed by an example Z (none of the complete entries are real words). Each of Y and Z are indicated by wordplay only, but the wordplay for Y is separate from the wordplay for Z.
1 Car rig (Austin) manufacture scaling back (13)
8 Catch horse behind stable entrance (4)
9 Cleaner upset, led astray by TV program (6,4)
10 Moisture back before routine upset (6)
11 Run that hurt Norwegian premier in tree farm (8)
12 Top dollar may affect judge on regulations initially (9)
14 Finally try drink at University (4)
15 A bit of a gallop on yearling? (4)
16 Miss purple edges with another colour LED (9)
20 Father, daughter, everyone went essentially (8)
21 Number... let me think... figure out number (6)
23 I gain 1000 pounds after each slice of exotic seafood (10)
24 District is very funny! (4)
25Bad LA Cop a return to typical characterisation (13)
1Nelson's Column ending in crazy brewed ale (7)
2 Black horseman, say? (5)
3 Land down under losing almost everything (7)
4 Endured knock and lay bound? (15)
5 Family wins a lottery with Ultimate Powerball (2-4)
6 Suggest north eastern Tunisia for recreation (9)
7 Appreciating look at clearing the old (4,3)
13 Romans in a spin near Italy (3,6)
15 Idea on age of tree (7)
17Tart? It's a joke man (7)
18 Important to help a nurse keeping love constant (7)
19 Final syllable to tail mu (foreign) (6)
22 Refrain from most dirt, literally (5)

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