Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

April 2024 Monthly Crossword

The twelve clues marked with an asterix are thematic. Each thematic clue consists of 3 parts: a normal definition and wordplay of an unmodified word, and additional wordplay to text that must replace part of the unmodified word before entry into the grid. Word lengths are unchanged by the replacement, but the grid entries are not real words. The 'replacement wordplay' part is always at the beginning or end of the clue.

One of the clues reveals a helpful hint for replacements.
7* Soldier's horse keeping fashionable irrationals (6)
8* Wet saver, albeit of uncertainty with a question (8)
9 Prison stain good German got at Easter (5,3)
10 Extract police chiefs with brilliant return (6)
11 Film first Leicester fan for Filbert (8)
12* Liberal decay on fish returning to change (6)
13 German horse worker's courier (11)
18* Tin Emperor Jack to turn 51 with me and you (6)
20Trees hound court director's bearing (8)
22* Sixth King puts me up the wall (6)
23* Greek character killed holding son, perhaps, with alarm (8)
24 Barely glide and imply friction (8)
25 Time to love a bit of chest hair (6)
1* Bike accessory is raced around fall (7)
2 Imagine I'd seen my imagination? (5,3)
3* It's filthy gold information taking in a lion (6)
4 Clubs also, casually, with Frank Way (8)
5 Nibbles uniform wearing nervous smile? (6)
6* Cleaner judge to ration adjudication hat (7)
8 To delight lady he pranced with dizziness (5-8)
14 Very popular at first, main service night vigil? (8)
15 Upcoming island cane area is charming (8)
16* Spice added for father scoffing slices of rather incendiary kebab (a right one) (7)
17* Stone road junction partially trapping appendage (7)
19 Sit with him plotting to strip lands (6)
21* Italian city has general election star with small company (6)

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Alternatively, you can submit your grid using the form to be found here.

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on April 30 2024. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than May 5 2024.