Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

August 2019 Monthly Crossword
They May Find

23 and 6 suggested some superfluous items, and in some cases what replaces them, via 5/5. Clued without definition, four superfluous items and one replacement are entries in the solution.
1 Infiltrating proletariat, lord to start to head for warmth (12)
10 New Mexican, not new around Louisiana capital, say (7)
11 Thrill to do it alone (7)
12 Hard right to support Tory left (5)
13 Eco spot spoilt by band instrument (8)
15 Yacht with a soak repulsion ability? (10)
16 Ridding orderly of top tip (4)
18 Increase resistance by current (4)
20 Rock team playing in big league (5,5)
22 Albania despots grab area of Spanish castles (8)
24 Time to pity (5)
26 Caught Edward clutching hairpiece with force (7)
27 Two behold right uniform in shadowy table member? (7)
28 Worrying report emerges and roars uncontrollably (5,7)
2 Most ornate tiles tessellate around a circular opening (7)
3 Using a pronoun for one one plus one half one or one (8)
4 Battering rams (4)
5 Escaped last Thursday with senses after rising in Tiananmen Square (10)
6To be deduced (5)
7 Support neglect with loud approval (3,4)
8 End fighting storms with final orders? (5,8)
9 Rewrite line, then marry similar words! (8,5)
14 Traditional queen chasing available capitalist? (4,6)
17 Where he forges his items! (8)
19 Mothers jaw line completion (7)
21 On holiday in Germany after interminable route diversions (7)
23To be deduced (5)
25 Assuming that is in us (4)

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