Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2020 Monthly Crossword

5 pairs of clues must have a single word swapped in order to make sense.
1 Lobbies bench with a master plan (12)
10 Down by damaged stereo unit (7)
11Polish physicists' heaven - accolades garnered (7)
12 Irish tea brought before boss at meeting (5)
13Tiny one obscure - he's joined twice (8)
15 City dweller burgles Anne (OAP), burning interior (10)
16 Host and Virgin Mary? (4)
18 Horrible gore produced by him? (4)
20 Total law breakdown left Yank everything (4-2-4)
22Dis' friend (poor imagination) (5,3)
24 Free from line of exercise in gun control? (5)
26 Fine wood looked clean? (7)
27 Starts East - prime beauty spots around (7)
28 Removing prejudice from bill gains ire with revolution (12)
2 Rain storm besetting vehicle is hell (7)
3 Once rioter vandalized facade (8)
4 Reveal man covering up identity (4)
5 Goodness! Endless bond with enemy in secret (10)
6 Last chance to administer mean treatment (5)
7 High rise housing modern fighter (7)
8 Rebel to confront Simon Smith (13)
9"Oh city lights go round, round, round" (from fan of The Swimmers) (13)
14 Connected suns ruin huge Arabs, right? (6,4)
17 Traveller to pass vehicle navigating central hump (8)
19 Restoration of ancient genuine container (7)
21 Dreaming of missing good drug (7)
23 Pigeon to sit mostly on bottle opener (5)
25 Conceal true length (4)

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on February 29 2020. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than March 5 2020.