Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

February 2021 Monthly Crossword
Forever Young

Five down entries are thematic, and the clues are missing proper definitions. They comprise five out of a set of six items made by the puzzle theme. The sixth item is given by the single additional letters in wordplay of each of eleven across clues. Three other across entries all contain the same suitable word, and this word is missing from their wordplay. Finally, one other down entry only contains a partial definition, but this should become apparent.
1 Scrap recent grievance about Judge (6)
4 Dislocated hip skiing to generate authority (8)
10 A tense man with essence of sceptic (7)
11 Leading solicitor to decline alongside advocate (5,2)
12 Joggle alcoholic drink (4)
13 Quaver vaguely hot in part from ten to twelve! (10)
15 Rat and deer fight with scholar (6)
16 Client is disappointed with pattern (7)
20 Primarily unselfish warmth with friend, as a rule (7)
21 Corrupts Queen and Charles at last (6)
24 Foreboding dungeon arch not stable (10)
26 Portion of royal agaric and water plant (4)
28 Unravel sullen behaviour implicating mid-schooler (7)
29 Mice slice burnt sandwich (7)
30 Wife starts to nurse estate, with luck yielding prolific plant (8)
31 Mr November is the latest (6)
1 Make more firm rates begin to reflect Euro Society changes (8)
2 He can ice skate? (4,5)
3 Wind and unceasing chill battering island (4)
5 Swigging ale, unit grab first sword then shield (8)
6 50 sections of anger incur wrath (7,3)
7 Champion pigeon finally like 9 (5)
8 67 sections of Sicily borders patrolled by quiet socialist (6)
9 Follow, say, like 7 (5)
14 30 sections of motorway scrubbed clean and pure (10)
17 60 sections of popular distribution to new church (9)
18 Time to see epic Noel Fielding (8)
19 Killer mules kind at heart (8)
22 33 sections of gold pole enclosing pot (6)
23 Thematic element generating some long-time trend? (5)
25 Pass punitive law to incarcerate illegal desperado at last (5)
27 Energy down? Finish tuber (4)

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