Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

January 2021 Monthly Crossword
A Better Year?

The year 2020 has not been good. Let us hope that the coming year exhibits the same traits as nine of the solutions. Each of these requires similar treatment before grid entry, and this is done on a 'first come first treated' basis. Clue lengths refer to grid entries.
1 A cover version (Hello) - female original better (7)
5 Male combatants in bed? They got around here! (7)
9 Relevant study for road out, initially - record ultimate efficacy (9)
10 Control partial pressure ignition sequence (5)
11 Josh on tow (3-4)
12 Current article right (letter not current) (7)
13 Fancy race to run, entering duck (5)
15 Tapes voice and sets dates to remix (9)
17 Bugs temple mostly, with information technology so backward (9)
19 To be deduced (5)
21 Shrewd seer infiltrating enemy to achieve this? (7)
23 Bags sent out to cover pan (7)
25 Tips of carnation lily and violet tangle orchid - that sounds pleasing! (5)
26 Cheat Duke of Edinburgh with Queen? (9)
27It's left, right and used (i.e. broken down) (7)
28 Half hide love affair, managing to get around doing it together (7)
1 Shove off, old bean (7)
2 Backing up reflex action after advantage gained at first (5)
3 Speak nice after Musk interrupted (7)
4 One time crook stealing pounds and making things feel easier! (9)
5 Cave starts playing Tampa Bay first (5)
6Independent mass supply new to Church of England - that's a waste (7)
7 Recurring theme to limit vote options (9)
8 Thrills can injure legs (7)
14 Muscles area first seen in briefs (9)
16 Yes possibly stalk is placed in order (9)
17 Very loud donkey about - right used for noise reduction (7)
18 Engaging in odd rescue, start vaccination in the unknown (7)
19Derision for Tom's vocal (7)
20 Helping tease cleaner (7)
22 Dear Doc Pierre Victor. Treatment required (5)
24 Deduct, conversely! (3,2)

There are now (at last!) more methods of submitting your solutions. You can of course still use the old method, which is via email to crossword@puzzletome.com. Acceptable formats are a list of clue numbers and answers or an image of the completed grid (JPG/PNG/GIF and no greater than 1MB in size).

Alternatively, you can submit your grid using the form to be found here.

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on January 31 2021. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than February 5 2021.