Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

January 2022 Monthly Crossword

10 answers are linked, but only part of the corresponding solution is entered in each case. The clues for these consist of wordplay for the entered part only, but their definitions are (not in order):

books; change; HQ; music; old city; recruits; regular event; state; theme; wood
1 Always start very cutting, these people (4)
3 Way of acting forward (4)
6 Branch to follow Celsius scale (5)
10 Trial meant to reform (9)
11 Ensnare girl with love (5)
12Doesn't follow what's written and cooks the rice (7)
13 Most of arrears settled, done with structure removed (7)
14 Flea collar (4)
16 Pro sport set (6)
18 Fairy tale with emotional payoff conclusions (3)
21 Cry of sonorous osprey (3)
22 Rat to fail to carry the bag (6)
23 Agree, right (4)
25 Mother is French, father ending round Berlin maybe? (7)
27It's sticky to create attention holding lira (7)
29 Aimed high, they tell you (5)
30 Show off to supplement rent (9)
31 One paper man held up another man with a knife? (5)
32 Stone swing support (4)
33See 20d
1 Keeps sarcasm to heart and stores (9)
2 Protection from voltage and current and thus resistance (5)
4 Squeeze bird into Straits of Dover (9)
5 Died after fracturing most of tenon saw (5)
6 Pure bred lice strike East (8)
7 Deceptive fake ricin seen (9)
8 Book facilities with date (5)
9Listen hard to catch Tory leader's dirt (5)
15 Faceless rodent barrier (9)
17 Virtuoso empties inauthentic outline of knowledge (9)
19 Might supply fill? Undesirably (5-4)
20,33Dastardly con foiled? (8,4)
24 Curtail cold comfort (5)
25 One that slides mass into degrees (5)
26 Different man overwhelmed by jungle rot (5)
28 Cup of tea for popular area? (5)

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on January 31 2022. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than February 5 2022.