Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

July 2017 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle celebrates a man who was the foremost creator of a trailblazing journey. The journey is marked by seven clues given without definition, five of which have a common element removed from the entry, and one of which has a common abbreviation for part of its entry.
6 Kill beginning without liberal at last on Capitol Hill (5)
7 Charlie Auden jumping about alternately like the clappers? (8)
10 Having the temperament to sit in the sun, facing west, and turn florid (7)
11 Plant daggers in body of clay (7)
12 Plain drawing shielded by bridge (7)
13 Prophesy announced by quartet on water (7)
14Harmful leer is due to cause ructions (11)
19 Letter regarding very small contents (7)
21 Fiery decoction of mountain fern (Oreopteris) (7)
23 Side going into battle? On the contrary! (7)
25 Stick bubble over abscess (7)
26 Voice of latest enormity (8)
27 Voice of latest enormity (5)
1 Left estate (8)
2 Bit of vegetable knowledge found in newspaper (6)
3 Stuff jingle fashion (10)
4 Favourite beach head sent to bottom (4)
5 Eye opener; chef uses lettuce under salami slices (6)
6 Family gatherings (outsiders kiss) (5,1)
8 Space by ancient ship following initial building block (7)
9 Brake failure (5)
13 Long distance call put on (10)
15 Long songs preserving time loops (7)
16 Prevail over French on Alpine feature (8)
17 Grand in debt to ring leader (5)
18 Journeyman building low tunnel into metal resistance? (6)
20 Moving earnestly, to some extent? (2,4)
22 Stocks flare up with time share introductions (6)
24 Has switched orientation East (4)

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