Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

July 2019 Monthly Crossword

In recognition of the puzzle theme, nine nearby alternatives are observed. The clues for these entries do not contain definitions, but otherwise their format is to be deduced. Three further clues (asterisked) each require the same appropriate word to be inserted to solve. A further hint is available to keen observers.
6Mother's following motorway with 6 (5)
7Outlawed chemist, I'm done up illegally? (5,3)
10 On and on hugging one needing help (7)
11 Nervous mother has no energy for hints of brainless idiotic clots (7)
12 Work man upset, upset with 7 (7)
13 Mach One broken with acceleration point inside intersection (7)
14 Settling half year cut assessment (11)
19 * It helps to see revised hint missing uniform (7)
21Ain't it a shame with 7? (7)
23 City gent returning to sea borders with 8 (7)
25 * He knew lots and therefore left broken (7)
26They fly us, keeping honour, into Iran warzone (8)
27 Opened up with some sound ideas (5)
1 Long article in a state accepted with 5 (8)
2 Abuse Carol for losing weight (6)
3No matter Mr Smith, it's a French high point (10)
4 Dissipate liquid in fallopian tube births (4)
5I'm supporting England - do come around on Sunday with 4 (6)
6 * Neurotic Mr Churchman (6)
8 Gin cocktail creativity in car (7)
9 Can cheers be held with 6? (5)
13Lashing out cash on gin? It's wasteful (10)
15 Money got tool (7)
16Endgame plot brought about Tony's termination with 5 (8)
17 Second length on beam (5)
18 Fell run - first class end to program (6)
20 Before noise echoing around with 8 (6)
22 Toiletries and luxury cosmetics using mineral bits (6)
24 Best entered area moving forward (4)

There are now (at last!) more methods of submitting your solutions. You can of course still use the old method, which is via email to crossword@puzzletome.com. Acceptable formats are a list of clue numbers and answers or an image of the completed grid (JPG/PNG/GIF and no greater than 1MB in size).

Alternatively, you can submit your grid using the form to be found here.

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on July 31 2019. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than August 5 2019.