Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

July 2024 Monthly Crossword
Something Big

This month's puzzle marks the advent of something big, precipitated by A's interaction with B, and with a resulting head to head between C and D. A, B, C and D (one of which consists of 2 words) are the asterisked entries in the grid. Clues for these lack a definition and are as follows (not necessarily in order):
Nine further clues contain superfluous letters in wordplay, and in clue order these letters provide a suitable addition to the puzzle.
1 Costa Rica rise to subvert royalty? (13)
8 Returning towards spider's lair with Greek character (4)
9 Fusion against lacklustre charged particle (10)
10 * see preamble (6)
11 Gray roses cultivated pasture plant? (8)
12 * see preamble (9)
14 Panic extensive with capture of drug (4)
15 Front and back of payslip file (4)
16 Give away bag run, provided with diamonds (9)
20Some elite rational thinkers? (8)
21 Party inconsequential - falling effect? (6)
23 Irregular local casino license (10)
24 15d to sample Budweiser beer? (4)
25 Film makes sense of the mind (13)
1 One married multiple people? That's great (7)
2 Popular adult's recent trifling (5)
3 Attaches pin to child (5,2)
4 Conservative facade British but not Northern, like the theme? (15)
5 * see preamble (6)
6 Reader's protection after line with hostility (9)
7 Patron soon fighting in box (7)
13 Doctor goes to capital city with wild yard beast (9)
15 * see preamble (7)
17 Warning of left wing symbolism (3,4)
18 * see preamble (7)
19 His lapse following conceited go (6)
22 Strain to add up isomorphic perimeters (5)

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