Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

June 2019 Monthly Crossword

Every story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. The never-ending story of 6d/9d began at 25a, the middle consisted of 7a, and it ended at 10a. Company was provided by 26a/14a.
6 Field of fire half lost amongst two units (5)
7 To be deduced (8)
10 To be deduced (7)
11 It bites more than heart less soldier touching queen (7)
12 Slice of chicken with reduced fat is not so greasy (7)
13 Ran on GOT (7)
14 To be deduced (11)
19 Lay off meat after opening of abbatoir near city (7)
21 Perhaps owl to mostly shelter by church? (7)
23 Pirate company runs to South Africa and Ireland (7)
25 To be deduced (2,5)
26 To be deduced (5,3)
27 Cut right through underground enclosure (5)
1 Team get into division and they're there to stay! (8)
2 Dare to change direction after initiating Gunpowder Plot (6)
3 One who advances victim to ruined river (10)
4 Large stomach spreading around too much (4)
5 Primal music in notes is marked symbolically! (6)
6 To be deduced (6)
8 Northern French eleven run round something rather than nothing (3-4)
9 To be deduced (5)
13 Writes in Old English identical key words? (4,6)
15 Richard beheaded holding cloak up - that'll cool things (3,4)
16 Beastly man, that man in South Park with another on road (8)
17 Bolt's first lightning symbol aimed towards China... (5)
18 ... pure speed following Olympic final (6)
20 It can kill grain off with injection of radioactive element (3,3)
22 Scrap right to discharge (6)
24 Leader open to return (4)

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