Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2020 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle acknowledges 1d. An associated phrase forms the basis of the entries for 26a/3d. Alternative (via synonyms) similarly constructed phrases can also be found at three other pairs of entries, each clued by wordplay only. Of the remaining entries, the clues for 11 of them contain a superfluous letter in the wordplay. In clue order, these spell an additional suitable word.
1 Devouring meal to supplement iron (6)
4 Mellow and be calm in a crisis (8)
10 Top aim managed finally (personal best) (7)
11 Fancy one glossy production in England (7)
12 Vent that is with German (4)
13 The best gear used for horny African? (10)
15Sympathetic call for traces of carbolic acid up front (6)
16 Goldberg at last in Sister Act (7)
20 Fun hour in farm quiet (7)
21 Murder at school dance, try to get back in (6)
24 US city naming both parties (10)
26To be deduced
28 Land going left in middle of train (7)
29 Damaged torch allowed to crack up (7)
30 Extent of septic shock with drink (8)
31 Live electricity taking place (6)
1To be deduced
2 Rich mantra bestowed by inspiring woman? (9)
3To be deduced
5 Keep animating cartoon (8)
6 Cheap tomb excavated around River Po (10)
7 Book journey (5)
8 Struggles with authorities to remove parking (6)
9Theme's aim initiated contemporary labour environment as new! (5)
14Rent machine guns - that'll improve things (10)
17 Small boat has wine cold and sharp (9)
18 Loud baby animal needs water (8)
19 I return to fire one to the sky (8)
22 The French scuba dive, it reckons... (6)
23 ... by hill, Switzerland (5)
25 Theme bound to back sterile wings? (5)
27 About to cheer performance (4)