Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

May 2021 Monthly Crossword
Article For The Future

This month's puzzle recognises article A B, created by C D, which led to E and a focus on F G. A-G comprise the answers to the clues marked by asterisk, with the clues consisting of wordplay only. A common abbreviation for the theme is captured in the entries for 8 other clues, but the clues have had the abbreviation released from the wordplay.
7 Virtuous operatives not commissioned to infiltrate murderous and loathsome initiatives (5)
8 Range of program of Open University is determined (9)
10 Things to do grow and wither (6)
11 Merit with math test in person? (8)
12 Honest sides start running hot (8)
13 May perhaps break into chain store? (4)
15 Finding out cider is in Vermont (7)
17 About advertising small patches (7)
20 Sewing bag for English and French, you and me (4)
22 Battling armies to pay over time (8)
25 * Live ones distress in news? (8)
26 Time for depth in queen's right and wrong (6)
27 Render ineffective around mass balance (9)
28 Odd caring for memorial (5)
1 * On behalf of seized number (9)
2 Surprise visit drawn out to 1st December (4,4)
3 * Stay resolute with men exonerated (7)
4 Headache for Greece in drill (8)
5 * Perfect square (6)
6 * Smell one (5)
9 Execute modification without boundaries (4)
14 * Very new curious people coming round (9)
16 Tear gas boys - they hold ammunition (8)
18 Pressed a retrial through main channels (8)
19 Became weak at first following dent restoration (7)
21 Oxford Front, say, cope at demonstration (6)
23 Females won missing sign (4)
24 * Reet Petite number one hit (5)

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