Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

November 2021 Monthly Crossword

This month's puzzle contains 7 thematic entries, all clued by wordplay only. Two of these provide a name to be celebrated. The remaining five each constitute a work of the protagonist. In each case the clue leads to one key word from the work, but it is the other key word that should be entered. (Connecting words and articles from the works are ignored.) All other clues are normal, albeit containing some suitable references.
6 Cost prohibits new first class rail (5)
7 Medicinal resin works on one tool (8)
10 Rich old boot embracing the French (7)
11 More red Russia democrats? That is right (7)
12 Show confidence to vacant stare (7)
13 Storm beat tense Russia, capital Moscow (7)
14 Make me society apt at last (animal taken in that is)! (11)
19 Quick indicator ending in injury (7)
21 Southern king opted to scrub around work surface? (7)
23 In polyphony of perspectives, used literary and religious highlights (7)
25 Uncomplicated bowl fashioned with file (7)
26 Back against Australia, amateur to spoil a week end (8)
27 Supporting earth (5)
1 Buzz in first with intricate detail (8)
2 Classes in the information age (6)
3 Do interfere with votes? Heavens! (10)
4 The floors of Tokyo National Bank (4)
5 Artist support for cutter (6)
6 Shell factory door slammed (6)
8 Supplements sum (final) with primary aid (7)
9 Joke sin - them beaten? (5)
13 Cheap seats to review child stars (5,5)
15 Holding back until no omissions seen after hours (7)
16 Whole English nation start to grow weary with both sides of theology (8)
17 Capacity of Soviet premier to manage (5)
18 Produces small pieces (6)
20It's written about political leader (pile of rot) (6)
22 Needle involved in this rat blocking existential writing snippets (6)
24Is not fond of Russia's eastern intervention (4)