Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2017 Monthly Crossword
The Chain

16 clues form a referential chain
1 Inauspicious fist (22), taking ring out of the equation, is most tricky to spot (8)
5 Back 25 put in - it creates a larger gap (6)
10 Fish towards Trent's mouth clothed in liar 5 (7)
11 12 withdraw without handicap (7)
12 Grand take down of 1d (5)
13 Returning ambience and excessive culture to restaurant (9)
14 One politician (European) with dreadful treasons acts like... (12)
18 ... old censures - charge a railway relating to growth (12)
21 Shakespeare, say, too entrenched with single (9)
23 Ancient tree (5)
24 Shine front of gold monitor (7)
25 20 felons grab left elbow of this person (7)
26 19 man due to hold lock up (6)
27 Afterthought to change your primary instrument (8)
1 Search on behalf of 7 (6)
2 Current central 1a to light waiting papers (2-4)
3 Workers set 26 problems (9)
4 Toss discipline out the window with some two-one assessments? (5,9)
6 Rue loss of redhead bird (5)
7 Perhaps seizing routine back, it being the next stage after 16? (8)
8 Try to transport bodies again? (8)
9 Killing of donkeys by Indian countries (14)
15 Small feeler to bottle prison (5,4)
16 Calculating an elementary first 6, plus another seven to twelve for him? (8)
17 Encapsulated in epitaph? Or is meaning moral? (8)
19 11 head about paste (6)
20 Floater in country borders shows what 3 are? (6)
22 Acre 10 in one cultivation is like cereal (5)

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