Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2019 Monthly Crossword

The puzzle has 'no story'. Since it is a plain crossword, clues are normal and word lengths refer to grid entries.
1 Plain allotment masks identity with one name (8)
5He'll hopefully improve anger while promotion is circulating (6)
9 Put an end to all nude romps held Nov 1st (8)
10 Stop space crash with gravity (6)
12 Popular startup enterprise with six on board is definitely coming (9)
13 Solo tour includes Swiss Academy (5)
14 Take pictures embodying story (4)
16 Clone balances to keep man level (7)
19 The most important thing is to signal transfer (7)
21 Smell good story (4)
24 Did ring and kicked around lines (5)
25 Spicy food from China causing havoc with deal (9)
27 Down aspect shown if it does this? (6)
28 Email creator pastes in web address left to right to submit (8)
29 Wet herd huddling round new cooker top (6)
30 Plain shot framed with intricate patterns (8)
1Make it through most of activity in landing (6)
2 Wheel painted by spoke in sty (6)
3 Went first and returned welcome to city (5)
4 Buffet cold, i.e. crab tart (7)
6 Facial feature furnisher following fudge? (9)
7Bill's operation plans hit Roy badly (8)
8 Coming last in street gargling contest (8)
11 Story reveals its not us on drug (4)
15 Crazy spooks spy on revolutionary food store, note (9)
17 Could pay for crossing into a federal border (8)
18 How one gets across right weapon tracking old man (8)
20 Debut screenwriter to drop ending that is left in story (4)
21 Perform Queen Elizabeth I in Bosnia and Herzegovina prison cells (7)
22It's funny! Another untested Puzzletome brainteaser ends more puzzling (6)
23 Bugs home with rare device point? (6)
26 Avoid edge of stair (5)