Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2020 Monthly Crossword
The Chain III

The asterisked clues comprise three separate closed chains, each of four entries. The definition in each chain clue refers to the numbered entry, whilst the wordplay refers to the next in the chain. Other clues are normal.
1It's what surrounds man with attitude in festival (13)
8 * Chain reaction nuclear (4)
9 Rank that is if busted down to private (10)
10 * "Light at the end of the tunnel" sign (6)
11 * Old penny stops time (8)
12 Against dialogue for new member (9)
14 * Offer to hold new framework (4)
15 * Chain some oversize brambles (4)
16 * Early example of finally feeling free (9)
20Chain drag queens' cockatrice wings (8)
21 Elevate counterattack with Zulus on the French brood (6)
23 Stretching to attain gathering with idol (10)
24 * Chain store enforcing identification (4)
25 Feral red/ginger cats sent good wishes (9,4)
1 Location of elegant silver oak root (7)
2 * Scraped bottom of barrel in break dance (5)
3 * Vague outline of artwork in colour (7)
4 Demand cousin pat mongrel to get wag (7,8)
5 Maintain a comb-back braid (6)
6 Dining tables are (face it) abysmal (9)
7 * Fear set to produce hormone (7)
13 Criticise clothing dump and uniform guarantee (9)
15Scorn Jack's phone company call (7)
17 * Puts out spliff, almost (7)
18 Isolated in a bit with claws (7)
19 Perfect contemporary diplomacy (6)
22 * Brown surroundings for rodent in and out, the animal (5)

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