Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

October 2021 Monthly Crossword

The puzzle celebrates 18d's 9a 19d (these entries are all clued using wordplay only). In recognition of this, twelve clues reinterpret 9a 19d. Each of these thematic clues comprises a definition of the word to be entered, wordplay leading to another word, and a 9a.
1 Lies on a unit claims form (13)
8Pollution's 1 single record (4)
9 Redefine cold force reaction (10)
10 Available bar left one cold (6)
11 Most of health kick to get fit! (8)
12 Deadliness of the tall Yankee butcher asphyxiating first intruder (9)
14 Enthusiastic 7 try single wrapping (4)
15 Management fear 12 unlikely (4)
16 Pay for bed in rickety buses (9)
20Enter The Dragon connection (8)
21 Maybe squares registered house doctor with illness outbreak (6)
23 Oddly turning puce, cheat eviscerated lady (10)
24 Built to return 4 number one guy (4)
25 Surreptitiously I screen drive catching number plates etc? (6,7)
1 Turn up cuddling dog 13 to work out (7)
2 Clean 6 good proper coats (5)
3 Fitness exam for 16 men, call back on a line (7)
4 Supports first car use with turn control (15)
5 Examine article 1 to get ivory (6)
6 Complete chopping a tree, 13 wanting too much (9)
7 Getting rid of 9 assenting German clubs with majesty (7)
13 Colourfully embellished one question into inhaler abuse (9)
15 With regards to special occasion, 16 used tyre (7)
17 He wanders 19 faster circuits with run (7)
18 Get in youngster (7)
19 Space to trap energy (6)
22 Look... a pig hiding? On the contrary! (5)

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Whichever method you choose, your solution must be received by 11:59pm GMT on October 31 2021. The winner will be selected at random from all of the correct entries and be notified no later than November 5 2021.