September 2020 Monthly Crossword
Leaders In The Field

1a is a leader in the field, and its clue leads to the original name (the existing name to be entered). Seven other entries are leaders in their own field as well as that of 1a. The clues are normal, but yield examples of their creations (with the leaders' name to be entered). Word lengths refer to grid entries.

1. Join around 50 talented oldies initially here? (11)
7. Bang, and you might get this in the field? (3)
9. Vile demon's delirium about gold to become immortal (5)
10. Beast of burden walks around anomalies (9)
11. Hanging on to dash about grand circle (9)
12. Lord Elgin lost marbles without New England (5)
13. Keep it in, laced up (7)
15. Steamy relationship for Oscar and Victor in seedy hotel (4)
18. Pop men cool with me blasting hoi polloi (4)
20. Spain's colour clothing blockade (7)
23. Funeral extract remains as those representations (5)
24. Mr Michigan hasn't beaten the wizard here? (9)
26. Tiptoe around pervert (9)
27. Field owner to introduce a vision somewhat? (5)
28. Performing after introducing Smalltown Boy (3)
29. Blends and ties up with shyness (11)
1. Blessing from deity with nothing left in to chance (4,4)
2. Ester's weapon store mostly on borders of Tennessee (8)
3. Sample desire (5)
4. Put in a shift to begin lifeline for marriage (7)
5. Piano elevated to perfection (7)
6. Singers in vale with rosey cheeks outside (9)
7. Huge musical performance trick (6)
8. Pale reworking of Pale Shelter for Stones (6)
14. Some hydrogen density to ensure diffusion (9)
16. Votes can generate money (8)
17. First Pointer Sisters remix goes on (8)
19. Plan talk with a bit of negotiation (7)
20. Lost in suburb? Read the compass (7)
21. Ends and boring starts to sort out (6)
22. Land Society joined English crown at last (6)
25. Gathers baseball team around final base (5)

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