Puzzletome Crossword Puzzles

September 2021 Monthly Crossword
Funny Man

This month's puzzle celebrates the work of the funny man. Six thematic entries are clued without definition, and these comprise three friendly assistants and three locations. The first five non-thematic clues each contain an extraneous word, the initials of which spell out a pertinent name.
1 Six girl guides (6)
5 Cutter distancing one ship in cross wind (8)
9 Sphere limits end of a rapid development (8)
10 Conservative approving food additive, no end of sleaze (6)
11 Prototype's negative resistance in rival entrant (10)
12 Afterlife picture exhibiting tormented tale (4)
13 Move encumbrance, spur team toward the source? (8)
16 Kink (Davies) primarily after disc with tidy settlement (6)
17 Artillery left right ... again ... attention ... out of time ... mount (6)
19 Carry cool box for ultimate feast (8)
21 Tale of descent and highest ascension (4)
22 One in a hundred and forty-nine taken in by false pretence (10)
25 Stirring, lacking energy on purpose (6)
26 Re-imagine quail in bearing as an eagle (8)
27 Ignored graduate in extra degree (8)
28 Rough and ready, namely amateurs (6)
2 Adult man in Shakespearean role? (5)
3 Where to find dead good dance party (5)
4 Flower band bound to rest (7)
5 Precede hesitation with back bone (7)
6 Horror at the end of nine circles (7)
7 Abandon all hope of split having sin returning (9)
8 Natural boxer in time cries out (9)
14 High back mid-terrace yard trapping reptile (9)
15 Russian leader to aim high taking Queen with thematic pattern? (5,4)
18 Opt out before minor gets nude (7)
19 Run heart out in stubble... (7)
20 ... while former lover, half casual, not up for it? (7)
23 Tiny wings keep distance set (5)
24 Gun crime in the French dive (5)

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